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Sexy teen blows hard and is fucked deep doggy style (25 September 2016)
She just arrived and talks with her photographer. She starts to strip and show him her tiny sexy tits. Then he comes to the bed and put's her suck his dick. She quickly makes his dick big and hard, and he fuck her for a long time. She has orgasm after orgasm and is so happy that she laughs at the end. SDG150

Doggy style blowjob, then hard fucking from behind (23 September 2016)
Sexy Ingrid loves to suck a lot of cock, and she loves to show her phat but bent over when she sucks. In this clip she was meant only to suck the cock, but her partner got so horny that he fucked her again. SDG149

Sexy school girl fucked doggy style by masked fat dude. (18 September 2016)
A fat dude with a scary mask takes advantage on a sexy school girl with no panties under her miniskirt. She loves to be fucked hard and she moans in pleasure. At the end she thanks him for the good fuck. SDG148

Sexy girl bored of magazine plays with herself instead (17 September 2016)
Ingrid is dressed like a sexy school girl, and she reads a magazine for her homework. She quickly becomes bored of it, and she starts playing with her pussy instead. She hasn't been wearing any panties under her mini skirt - SDG147

Sexy girl posing (16 September 2016)
A sexy young girl posing in a short sexy mini skirt. She rise her mini skirt and shows her pussy - she is not wearing any panties. Sexy slutty girl posing . SDG146

Sexy ass teen fucked hard in the bedroom. (14 September 2016)
Ingrid's ass looks awesome in her new white jeans. She loves to bend over and joke about my big dick, which she calls "horse dick". Of course, it's a joke. But we soon get to something more serious, she strips and blows me hard, then I fuck her doggy style for a long time. She has genuine orgasms, and she moans in pleasure. SDG145

Naughty girl on a couch. (07 September 2016)
Ingrid is topless on a couch and she is very naughty. She loves to show her small and sexy tits, and play with her lips. SDGP42

Sexy black dress girl fucked by mature (31 August 2016)
Ingrid is dressed in a sexy black dress, and she asks to suck the dick of her photographer. She then offers her pussy to be fucked hard by him. He get's on top of her and fuck her deep. SDG144

69 and long blowjob. (29 August 2016)
Ingrid loves to be licked in her sweet pussy, she loves to feel a hungry tongue on her clit. She suck cock in this time. And she does it really well. SDG143

Ingrid fucking with a masked fat old dude. (29 August 2016)
Ingrid is attracted by older mature men. She loves to suck their dicks and fuck with them. She likes men with experience, and she feels protected when she fuck with them. SDG142

Smoking and relaxing after a long fucking day. (28 August 2016)
Ingrid relaxes and smokes after several fucking scenes. She loves to fuck, yes, but she fucked 5 times already. One cigarette is more than welcomed. SDGP41

Sexy girl suck and fuck with masked fat old dude. (26 August 2016)
Sexy teen Ingrid is sucking and fucking with fat old dude with a BDSM mask. She starts by 69, then she blows him hard and then she is fucked long time. SDG141

Sexy girl in black dress fuck and suck dick for a long time (25 August 2016)
Ingrid invites the viewer to join her site, and she is so cute while she does so. She is not very sure on her english speaking, but when she starts to suck cock she is super confident that she can do a great job. She then is fucked doggy style and is grabbed by her hair and fucked in her sexy mouth. SDG140

Long fucking, 69, blowjob and cum in the condom. (23 August 2016)
We start by a hot 69 , she suck my cock and I lick her sweet pussy, she then blows me some more, and I fuck her for a long time; she loves to feel me cum in the condom, she loves deep penetrations, and cum play. SDG139

Doggy style on the kitchen table (22 August 2016)
Ingrid bends over the kitchen table, she arches her back and shows me her smoking hot ass. I just love to fuck her doggy style and make her moan in pleasure. She loves to be fucked deep; the deeper the better. She loves to be grabbed by hair and pulled back while fucked hard doggy style. SDG138

Sucking cock in the kitchen (21 August 2016)
Sexy Ingrid loves to suck and fuck at all times. She just got home, and she relaxes a bit in the kitchen, and she suddenly feel the need to suck cock. I am happy to be around to help her with that ;)  SDG137

Sexy nurse posing on a bed (18 August 2016)
Ingrid is dressed like a slutty sexy girl and she loves to pose in the most provocateur positions. SDGP40

Sucking cock, fucking and cumshot on tits. (14 August 2016)

In this clip, Ingrid sucks cock a lot, then she is fucked long time, and at the end she takes hot cumshot on her tits. SDG136

On her knees, sucking cock (13 August 2016)
She gets on her knees and suck cock with passion. She really loves to grow a cock in her sweet mouth. She is so passionate and happy that cock grows fast and big in her tight mouth. SDG135

Blowjob , 69, then doggy style fucking (12 August 2016)
She loves to suck cock, I love to lick her pussy, and stick my hard dick into her tight pussy. At the end I shoot my load over her phat ass . SDG134

Sexy teen striping and fucking with mature fat dude (11 August 2016)
A sexy teen strips her short jeans and suck mature cock, then she bends over and takes his thick cock into her tight pussy from behind. She then rides him and moans in pleasure. They keep fucking like this for a long time. SDG133

Masked girl play with herself (10 August 2016)
Ingrid put on my BDSM mask while I was away and she played with her cunt thus masked. She said the suffocation sensation from the mask turned her on very much. SDG132

Smoking and playing with her tits (09 August 2016)
Ingrid is relaxing between 2 fucking sessions, and she loves to smoke, to talk and relax. She plays with her tits and with her pussy trough her panties. SDG131

Hot sperm on her lips and chin (07 August 2016)
Fucking Ingrid is a pleasure each time. She enjoys dicks so much that she wants more and more each time. But shooting your cum after 3-4 sex scenes is pretty hard, She had to fuck long time, play with my dick, and suck it a long time, in the end I had to masturbate and ejaculate on her face, lips, and she licks my sperm very happy. This girl really loves to lick sperm. SDG130

On her knees, sucking submissive (05 August 2016)
Ingrid loves to play the role of submissive young girl. In this clip she kneels in front of the arm chair and suck his dick looking into his eyes, with her submissive attitude. His cock get's hard really fast. SDG129

Deep doggy style and pussy play (04 August 2016)

Ingrid plays with herself in the kitchen, she feels her pussy very wet and she calls for her partner. He comes bends her over and slaps her ass a few times, and then he sticks his thick cock in her tiny pussy. She moans in pleasure while she is fucked hard, and she enjoys every second of the fucking. At the end, he pulls his dick out and rubs her clit making her like it a bit more. SDG128

Morning coffee and smoking (01 August 2016)
Ingrid is relaxing in the morning. She enjoys the morning coffee, she smokes and laughs a lot. She then strips naked and plays with her pussy a little. SDG127

69 , fucking and cumshot on her phat ass. (30 July 2016)
Ingrid is very sweet in this clip, she sucks the dude's cock hard while he licks her sweet pussy. She can't help herself moaning in pleasure. She is so excited that she get's doggy style and wiggle her ass to him. He jumps on her and fuck her sweet pussy hard and shoots his load all over her phat ass. SDG126

Sexy young girl fucks and rides old fat masked dude. (29 July 2016)
Ingrid just got home from her holiday at the seaside, and she is all tanned well. She strips from her minuscule short jeans and starts to blow her step dad. She then is so horny that she rides his cock front and back and finally he gets on top on her and fucks her like crazy. SDG125

Behind the scene photo shooting & stripping (28 July 2016)
Ingrid is making a photo shooting, and in the same time she is speaking with her photographer.  He teaches her how to say in English different words, and she is saying a message for her favorite member of her site.  She just got a nice present from him and she is thanking him with her own words. SDG124

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